Unlock is a protocol for memberships which lets creators monetize their work, on their own terms, without having to rely on 3rd party apps or platforms. Unlock allows you to easily lock away members only content, allow payment to become a member and add lots of additional member benefit features. Check out the website and the documentation to learn more.

Below a quick examples. Theres an instruction page with more details. You can also clone the project from the showcase page.

Content Locked

This section contains content thats for subscribers only. Unlock it to get access.

This section is visible when the content is locked, hence it uses the locked class on the element. Once unlocked it is hidden.

Selector panel showing public content classes

Content Unlocked

Thanks for unlocking this content, it's only visible to members.

Member Only Image

This section holds the content for subscribers only and is only visible when unlocked.

Selector panel showing member only content classes